CNC Machining of Metals

Foresight Technologies was started and staffed by experienced people for the leading aerospace OEMs in the world. We know the importance of your quality parts and we have built a manufacturing process to deliver medium & complex parts at the lowest cost.


We operate over 30 CNC machine tools and continue to add to ensure our customer capacity needs are met. Our goal is to have a quality and cost advantage so we focus on being a CNC technology leader. Key technical advantages include 4-axis high speed horizontal machining centers; 20,000 rpm, multi-pallet vertical machining centers, 6-axis live tooling lathes and 5-axis routers. Continuous improvement efforts have helped separate us from the rest. Significant advantages include the latest CNC programming techniques, full ball-lock quick setup systems, vacuum hold-down systems, automated coordinate measuring machines for inspection, and new techniques for scheduling products throughout the facility.