Refurbishing and Tool Upgrades

Refurbishing process tools is a combination of process knowledge, engineering skills and cleanroom protocol understanding to know how or what is the most efficient and cost effective method ot perform upgrades to tools and minimize impact to cleanroom production. Foresight engineers are highly skilled and experienced at both tool design and process development and are actively involved to replicate or even enhance operational and functional results along with maintaining or increasing yield, output and overall product quality. Whether a simple pump or tank upgrade or a highly complex reconfiguration of an entire tool including new control systems and graphical user interface (GUI), Foresight offers a full range of services and skillsets to support virtually any wet process or fluid handling system in a fab as well as other wafer and product handling solutions.


Refurbishing can often double the life of a tool without the same investment and fab disruption new tools often can create. Working with our clients, we carefully map out a plan of execution for both in fab upgrades as well as brining tools into our facility to refurbish and fully test. Many of our clients purchase tools in secondary markets and Foresight receives them into our facility for integration. Whatever your need, the Foresight team is a trusted leader and partner for refurbishing and upgrades to many process tools for semiconductor, solar/photovoltaic, MEMs, optics, storage media, medical device and many other industries.


"Foresight's unique expertise in cleaning and wet processing systems allowed them to really understand the project (major refurbishment of ATCOR® cleaners) and provide the up-front engineering support and planning needed to be successful. Their vertically integrated approach provided the turnkey solutions we were seeking and allowed them to ensure quality at every step, from engineering, onsite field service, plastic welding, disassembly and assembly. The projects were completed on time and right the first time. MEMC is extremely happy with the quality of the work rendered. "