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Plastic Machining

Foresight (US) started as a specialty plastic machining facility bringing leading edge aerospace quality and process control to the machining of plastics. We continue to be a world leader in engineered plastic machining including materials such as: polypro, PVC, PET (Ertalyte), PPS (Techtron), Vespel, Torlon, Celazole, PPO (Noryl), Teflon, PFA, Delrin, Ultem, PEEK, G4, G10, G11 and many, more.

Our facility was specially constructed to manufacture higher quality non-metallic products. It has exact temperature control and low humidity, eliminating many of the primary causes of dimensional errors.

Machining processes for non-metallics differ greatly and we have developed specialized systems to achieve higher quality. We maintain our own plastic annealing oven to allow improved dimensional tolerance and mechanical stability. Our custom designed flatness and vacuum fixturing systems allow us generate flat parts from inherently unflat material.

  • (2) Kitamura HX-400iG HMCs and (24) pallets on Fastems 8760 FMS system
  • Full lights out production for complex parts
  • Part size of 25”x25”x25”
  • Spindle speeds of 15,000, Thru Spindle Coolant, Probing
  • Minimizes setups and number of operations
  • Envelopes up to 40”x25”x25”
  • Spindle Speeds to 12,000 rpm
  • Hi speed, multi-pallet HMCs
  • Envelopes up to 31”x31”x31”
  • Spindle speeds up to 18,000 rpm
  • Up to 60”x120” tables, including twin tables and twin spindle configurations
  • Full chip evacuation system
  • Vacuum lift systems to allow staff to quickly move large sheets
  • High productivity- Up to 6 Axis Mill Turns
  • Envelopes up to 32” DIA x 50”
  • Wide range of sizes to meet customer needs
  • Envelopes from 1” bar feeders  to 20” DIA