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Plastic Welding & Fabrication

Foresight is the leading global provider of Certified Plastic Welding products for critical process OEMs, including CMP, Plating, Valve Boxes, Chemical distribution systems, slurry systems and much more. We are not the same as others. Our plastic welding process uses internally designed welding systems that control all the parameters to control weld quality, for each specific plastic material. All our welding is done in temperature controlled facilities to ensure consistent dimensional control and repeatability. Our Certified Plastic Welders go thru extensive training, and are certified by outside facilities to AWS B2.4. With over 30 Certified Plastic Welders, we are one of the largest global providers of critical welding services. We provide plastic welding of Polypropylene, PVC, PVDF, Halar, all FM4910 materials and many other materials.

Plastic Welder Certifications

  • Certified to AWS- B2.4
  • 3rd Party Certification
  • Multiple Plastic Types
  • Custom Foresight designed and built to achieve controlled and repeatable weld quality for critical applications
  • Calibrated for different materials
  • Daily Quality Validation
  • Custom and Shannon brand Plastic Bending Machines
  • Integrated cooling channels
  • Envelope up to 60” in length

Annealing of plastics to create stable materials for machining and increased dimensional stability             

Additional Capabilities


Optical Clear Plastics thru Flame Polishing, Vapor Polishing & Mechanical Polishing

Foresight has the ability to achieve optically clear plastic parts thru a variety of methods including Flame Polishing, Vapor Polishing, and Mechanical Polishing. 

Plastic Bending

Plastic Bending

Foresight provides plastic bending for a variety of applications, including containment and electrical covers.