Letter from the President

During our 24 years in business, Foresight focused on getting better and not just getting bigger.  Today we provide outstanding Quality and Delivery for all our customers. We have recently invested nearly $4million in the most advanced CNC technologies to ensure our technical leadership and capacity needs.  But our real advantage is in People and Processes, where we are seen as the innovator in advanced manufacturing systems and new manufacturing solutions.  During these past years we have made tremendous progress in making our operational systems the foundation of our competitive advantage and developing a staff that thrives on controlled continuous improvement.  Key advances include integrated shop floor systems that allow data to drive the decisions for our company, including material planning, capacity planning, automated scheduling, and productivity tracking down to the CNC machine level.

But we know we are not done, and what made us successful today is not good enough for tomorrow.  This year Foresight has initiated our “20 in 19” program.  This is a global, company wide improvement initiative to achieve a 20% reduction in the “work” we do in EVERY department.  This includes everyone, ; Engineering, Accounting, Material, Quality, Planning as well as Production.  So while we do expect CNC cycle times to be reduced by 20% thru improvements to machining approaches and other continuous improvement processes, we also expect that every other department will be able to perform their functions such as job release, material ordering, kitting, inspecting, packaging, and shipping/receiving with 20% less work.  We are using a wide variety of Continuous Improvement Tools to complete this process in 2019 as part of our relentless pursuit to add-value and meet our customer’s needs today, and tomorrow.


Jeff Hull
President/Managing Director

COMING SOON Foresight Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. has a new home!

After 9 years of growth and expansion in Asia, Foresight is proud to announce the acquisition of our new manufacturing campus in Penang.  Our new site includes state of the art production facilities immediately plus 3 acres of land to allow future expansions.  Our move to the new facilities will be completed in May, 2019 and we expect to build up to an additional 70,000sf of production operations later this year.